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Nestled deep within the Canadian wilderness, far beyond the reach of bustling highways, lies a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts – Nungesser Lake. This vast body of water, stretching approximately 25 miles long, is the headwater of an extensive chain of lakes including Gull Rock, Keg, Red, and Little Vermillion. With an impressive 30,000 acres of fish-holding structure, Nungesser Lake is a veritable paradise for anglers.

The lake’s diverse topography, featuring rock shorelines, sand bars, mid-lake reefs, and humps, provides an ideal habitat for a variety of fish species. Its deep water access, long shallow bays for forage production, and lush cabbage and reed beds create a thriving ecosystem. The lake’s lifeblood is the 24 rivers and feeder creeks that flow into it, providing excellent spawning areas for Walleye, Pike, and the forage they depend on.

Nungesser Lake is particularly renowned for its phenomenal Walleye fishing. Depths from 5 to 20 feet harbor a wealth of trophy-sized Walleyes, making it a dream destination for avid anglers. But the lake’s offerings don’t stop there. It also boasts far above average Pike fishing, with a large number of trophy fish ready to challenge even the most experienced fishermen.

Trophy Walleye

Trophy Walleye at Anglers Kingdom

As we transition from the natural allure of Nungesser Lake, let’s delve into the unparalleled experience at Anglers Kingdom. This unique wilderness fishing lodge, located on a remote island of Nungesser Lake, offers a world-class fishing experience just minutes away from your private cottage.

Anglers Kingdom is not your typical large, fancy five-star resort. It is a small, clean, comfortable, and family-owned fishing camp that prioritizes the fishing experience above all else. The camp can accommodate up to 40 guests in six comfortable lakeside cabins, but intentionally limits groups to an average of 20 to maintain a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

The camp offers an American Plan, which includes all meals prepared in a small, clean, and comfortable dining room. The meal schedule is flexible, allowing you to discuss your preferences with the cook and choose a time that works best for you. If you’re out on the lake and can’t tear yourself away from the fish, don’t worry. The boats are equipped with marine radios, so you can always call camp and let them know when you’ll be back.

At Anglers Kingdom, you’ll be fishing in style. The camp provides 18 to 20 foot Lund PRO V Outfitter boats, equipped with 60 – 150hp Honda motors, top of the line sonar units, and first-class anchoring systems. This ensures an extra measure of comfort, safety, and reliability as you venture out onto the lake.

A trip to Nungesser Lake and a stay at Anglers Kingdom is more than just a fishing trip. It’s an adventure, a chance to connect with nature, and an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fun Facts: Did you know that Walleyes are named for their pearlescent, reflective eyes which are adapted for feeding at night or in murky water? On the other hand, Northern Pike, often referred to as “water wolves”, are known for their aggressive behavior and can accelerate faster than a sports car when striking at prey!

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