Ontario Fishing Lodges, Camps, Resorts, and Outfitters - Travel Guide

Ontario Fishing Lodges, Camps, Resorts, and Outfitters - Travel Guide

Ontario's Freshwater Fish

Ontario has some many angling opportunities to offer and so many species to target.

Check out the most popular game fish we offer and the Ontario records that they hold.

Ontario is walleye country. You can find great action for these tasty, golden fish in a variety of settings, from the Great Lakes to shallow and fertile cottage-country reservoirs, to deep, clear rivers and lakes on the Canadian Shield. Ontario Record - 22.25 lbs.

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
Both species of bass are plentiful throughout Ontario and are high on most anglers sought-after list. From the hard-fought pulls of the smallmouth to the weedy lair of the largemouth, you are sure to fall in love with these beautiful fish. Ontario Record Largemouth - 10.43 lbs. Ontario Record Smallmouth - 9.84 lbs.

Northern Pike
Ontario offers the most diverse northern pike fishing on the continent, and hooking into a 30-pound fish can be accomplished. Streamlined bodies and razor-sharp teeth make the pike a favourable target. Ontario Record - 42.12 lbs.

Ontario muskie anglers generally face two choices: chase rarer trophies that sometimes exceed 40 pounds or concentrate on quantities of smaller fish, a relative term when you consider that the average size is about 10 pounds. A world-record exceeding 70 pounds is almost certainly lurking somewhere in the province for those who would take up the challenge of the hunt. Ontario Record - 65 lbs.

Trout and Salmon
Trout and salmon are a highly sought after species not only for their fighting qualities, but also for their highly-prized taste. From line-screaming salmon to leaping rainbows, deciding on which fish to pursue will be your hardest decision. Ontario Record - Chinook Salmon - 45.38 lbs.  Rainbow Trout - 29.12 lbs. Brown Trout - 34.38 lbs.  Lake Trout - 63.12 lbs.  Brook Trout - 14.5 lbs.

Ontario has a long list of small fry that offer dependable action for the whole family. Crappie and yellow perch draw the biggest followings and are also the biggest. Besides providing hours of fun for the angler, they also offer a delightful meal at the end of the day. Ontario Record - Black Crappie - 3.78 lbs. Yellow Perch - 2.25 lbs.

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