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Unveiling Ontario’s Hidden Gem: Pickle Lake – Your Ultimate Wilderness Escape!

Embrace the extraordinary in Pickle Lake, Ontario, affectionately known as “Ontario’s Last Frontier.” Nestled at the terminal point of Highway 599, the “Wilderness Corridor,” Pickle Lake is the furthest you can venture on an all-weather road in the province. Beyond here, only gravel trails tread into the untamed wilderness. But don’t fret! Although remote, this vibrant outpost is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pickle Lake is a cornucopia of natural beauty, where the rugged outcrops of the Canadian Shield kiss the pristine shores of teeming lakes. Anglers will find themselves in piscatorial paradise, casting for walleye, lake trout, and colossal northern pike. The abundant waters promise a gratifying experience, making Pickle Lake an angler’s dream.

Accommodations here are as diverse as the landscape. The local lodges offer everything from self-catering cabins to American Plan packages, ensuring visitors find the perfect fit for their wilderness escapade.

But fishing isn’t the only game in town. Pickle Lake is also a big game hunter’s haven. The black bear and moose hunting here are simply incomparable. If your heart races at the prospect of tracking a massive bull moose, Pickle Lake has your name on it. With successful hunting ratios exceeding 85%, local outfitters can almost guarantee a rewarding expedition.

Pickle Lake isn’t just for the seasoned adventurer, though. Wilderness canoeists, whether rookies or veterans, will find it an idyllic launchpad for excursions into Wabakimi Provincial Park – a wilderness region larger than Connecticut! You can embark on epic three-week journeys or opt for shorter guided trips. Plus, Pickle Lake grants access to the vast Arctic watershed rivers, including the Winisk and Albany systems.

Beyond its abundant natural offerings, Pickle Lake is a warm, welcoming community that exudes the charm of the great North. Local festivals, sight-seeing opportunities, and the tranquility of Northern Ontario create a vacation that’s a true ‘getaway’ from it all.

Adding to the allure of this wilderness wonderland is the unique Oz Lake Lodge. Perched on the shores of Osanburgh Lake, it’s the only lodge on the water, offering an unrivaled, intimate connection with nature. Whether you’re seeking to reel in a giant walleye or just soak up the serenity, Oz Lake Lodge is your home away from home. They offer a range of accommodations from cozy, self-catering cabins to comfortable hotel rooms, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect retreat. With complimentary boat launching and docking services, and even on-site boat and motor rentals, they’ve got all your fishing needs covered. So, after a day of hunting, canoeing, or exploring, you can relax and enjoy the stunning sunsets over the lake, making Oz Lake Lodge the icing on the Pickle Lake experience.

In essence, Pickle Lake is the quintessential rendezvous point for those seeking adventure, solace, and a connection with nature. It may be far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, but the journey to this wilderness gateway is truly worth every mile. Come and experience the magic of Pickle Lake – where the road ends, and your adventure begins!

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