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Ontario’s Angling Escapades: Unravel the Fishing Charms of Red Lake, Ignace, Lac Seul, Ear Falls, and Sioux Lookout Lodges

Embark on a fishing odyssey in the captivating realm of Ontario’s Red Lake, Ignace, Lac Seul, Ear Falls, and Sioux Lookout region, where fishing lodges nestled amidst pristine waters and lush landscapes create the ultimate angling retreat.

Begin your journey in Red Lake, where the serene waters teem with walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. Fishing lodges dotting the shores offer a home away from home as you cast your line and soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of the area’s rugged terrain.

Venture onward to Ignace, a quaint community with an array of picturesque lakes, each brimming with fish species such as smallmouth bass, walleye, and muskie. The region’s fishing lodges provide an idyllic base for your angling adventures, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the serene wilderness.

Discover the expansive Lac Seul, where remote fishing lodges await to offer a secluded and rewarding angling experience. With its abundant walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass populations, Lac Seul is a true angler’s haven.

Continue to Ear Falls, a charming town surrounded by crystalline waters, lush forests, and a wealth of fish species. Fishing lodges in the area offer a tranquil escape as you pursue trophy-sized catches amidst breathtaking scenery.

Complete your fishing expedition in Sioux Lookout, where world-class fishing lodges serve as the perfect gateway to the region’s prolific waters. Reel in walleye, lake trout, and northern pike as you indulge in the area’s unspoiled beauty.

Callander bay

Anglers Kingdom
Red Lake, Ontario

Angler’s Kingdom is first and foremost a sport fishing camp. Our guests catching the fish of their dreams is our number one priority. Trophy pike and Walleye is what we’re all about. Guests will experience one of the highest trophy rates to be found. This is not surprising considering that Nungesser has the perfect blend of ingredients. This dark water lake has approx. 30,000 acres of fish holding structure. Nungesser has over 100 miles of rock and sand shorelines, sand bars, mid lake reefs and humps, deep water access, long shallow bays for forage production and lot’s of lush cabbage and reed beds. More than 20 rivers and creeks provide excellent spawning areas for Walleye, Giant Pike and the Whitefish, Suckers, Perch, Ciscoes, Shiners and other baitfish they require for phenomenal growth. Nungesser Lake is the headwater of the entire Gull Rock, Keg, Red, and Little Vermillion, Nungesser lake chain. Nungesser is about 25 miles long.  Anglers Kingdom is a clean, comfortable, and family owned camp, offering modern accommodations and equipment in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The camp is literally nestled among the pines of Pine Island on the North End of the West Side of Nungessor Lake north of Red Lake in Northwestern Ontario. The camp boasts over 1,000 feet of beautiful sand beach on its South East exposure.

Gowganda Fishing Lodge

Booi’s Fly-in Lodge & Outposts

Fly 15 minutes north to Boois secluded modern island where 91% of those who come to fish return. Catch & release – all from 1 lake – titanic trophy pike, 100’s of fat juicy walleye and lake trout too big for your net. Take advantage of free fish-filled guided days with complimentary delicious shore lunches. At the end of your fishing day, relax in your 2 story luxury chalet on the water’s edge. Light the fireplace and curl up on your couch, or step out on one of your 2 decks and take in a sunset or northern light show.  Cottage attendants change your bath & kitchen towels daily. Your comfortable beds are dressed with all bedding, plump pillows, and 3 point Hudson Bay blankets or comforters, made for you daily. A sound proof (you can hear the birds singin’) generator provides you with electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complimentary ice is provided for your drinks and coolers.   Please join 3rd generation lodge owners/5th generation Canadian hosts Jim and Tracy Booi at our unique piece of Northern paradise created just for you.

Shining Tree Fishing

Bow Narrows Camp
Red Lake , Ontario 

Fishing is what first attracts most of our guests. Red Lake is renowned for some of the best fishing North-western Ontario has to offer. The Lake is one of Nature’s wonders, consisting of deep cold-water bays connected by shallow narrows and fringed with shallow warm-water bays. Islands and an irregular shoreline plus a productive clay bottom provide ideal conditions for a variety of gamefish. Northern pike up to 30 pounds skulk in these waters, ready to slash in on nearly anything that moves. Walleyes grow to eye-popping sizes in Red Lake. Eight-and-nine pounders are not uncommon and we’ve caught walleyes up to 12 pounds. Red Lake is famous for its lunker lake trout. Nothing has the awesome pulling power of lake trout. We have caught trout up to 43 pounds but even a 10-pounder will tax your rod and reel, not to mention your arm.

Shining Tree Fishing

Chimo Lodge and Outposts
Red Lake Ontario 

Chimo Lodge is a fly-in camp located on Roderick Lake, 48 air miles northwest of Red Lake. This lake has plenty of Walleye, Northern, and Lake Trout .All five cabins were constructed on site from local pine logs. The cabins range in size from a two bedroom 4-person cabin to a four bedroom 12-person cabin, with all the necessities provided. Each cabin is very well equipped with propane range electric fridge, freezer and lights mattresses and bedding 3 piece washroom (toilet, sink and shower) with hot and cold running water (each cabin has its own hot water tank)” and barbeque on the deck. We supply all you need in the way of kitchen wares, right down to an automatic coffee maker!  We also have 11 fly-in outposts on various lakes for those looking for more solitude.   With their many bays, islands and portages, these lakes have plenty of challenges for the avid fisherman as he seeks out Walleye, and Northern.

Gogama Fishing Lodge
Fireside Lodge
Sioux Lookout ON

Fireside Lodge, near Sioux Lookout in Northwest Ontario, Canada, is the only lodge on a 10-lake system. We provide a Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure with “Fabulous” Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Tiger Musky, and Muskie fishing. Accommodations at Fireside Lodge are either lodge rooms in a historic lodge building or newly built individual lake front cabins. All equipment is modern and reliable, including 16-foot Lund boats with floors and swivel seats, new Yamaha motors, landing nets, and all safety equipment. Boat upgrades are also available. When you arrive, you will be given a full lake and equipment orientation, including lake maps. Daily fishing instruction will be provided throughout your stay. Our full service package is intended to provide you with a relaxing vacation in which we handle all of the details, including outstanding meals, and you simply relax. Our setting offers seclusion, wildlife viewing, boreal forest excursions, canoeing/kayaking, and the silent sport of connecting with nature. Come enjoy this fantastic “Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure” where Moose and Bear roam the woods, Bald Eagles and Osprey fly the skies, and the call of the Loon puts you to sleep at night. Come to Fireside Lodge to see this fantastic outdoor show.

Lake Nipissing

Lac Seul’s Evergreen Lodge
Ear Falls, ON

Lac Seul’s Evergreen Lodge invites you to fish the open waters, the quiet bays, and the beautiful island shores of Lac Seul. Enjoy the taste of freshly caught walleye, cooked on a open fire at one of our famous shore lunches. Lac Seul is one of Ontario’s finest fishing lakes. Home to the Walleye, and oh do they grow big here, the Northern Pike, Perch and even the fighting Musky. This expansive, beautiful lake covers over 400,000 acres of water with thousands of miles of shoreline. But you won’t have to feel lost on this lake, because of its many quiet bays, inlets and islands. You can always find a great fishing spot to call your own. Lac Seul is known to be a consistent producer for the angler. Limits of Walleye can be had whatever the season or day’s weather. Musky (up to the 40 lb. range) have been caught, those going for Northern will find plenty of action. We hunt in hundreds of square miles of pristine Canadian wilds where Bear, Moose and Grouse flourish. Come north to real hunting success. The lodge owner is an active and skilled hunter who takes a personal interest in your hunt. He knows the land and the best areas for each hunt, whether you are hunting Bear, Moose or Grouse.

Lake Nipissing

Lac Seul’s Reel Inn
Ear Falls, ON

Dive into the heart of Northwestern Ontario’s legendary waters at Lac Seul’s Reel Inn, where the fish tales come to life. Spanning over 150 miles of pristine waters, Lac Seul is a sanctuary for trophy walleye and northern pike, promising both novice and seasoned anglers an unrivaled fishing adventure. Beyond the thrill of the catch, our inn offers the warmth and comfort of home in the great wilderness. With packages tailored for every group size, from solo explorers to gatherings of up to 18, and amenities including high-speed Starlink WiFi and Smart TVs, your stay is more than just fishing—it’s a chance to bond, unwind, and create lasting memories. Our lodge, accessible by car, simplifies your journey into the wild, ensuring that your focus stays on the excitement of the catch and the beauty of Lac Seul. Choose Lac Seul’s Reel Inn for your next fishing escapade and experience the blend of adrenaline and tranquility that only our unique location can offer.

Elk Lake Fishing Lodge

Lac Seul’s Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost
Ear Falls, ON

Get closer to nature at Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost! Northwestern Ontario nature is here at its finest, with beautiful shores lining the miles and miles of water. The pris-tine Lac Seul awaits fishing groups of all levels, with muskie, walleye and northern pike all calling the lake home. While fish typically weigh in at under ten pounds, trophy hauls have made many appearances every season. Try your hand at reeling in the catch of the day — maybe the catch of your life! McKenzie Bay Outpost, a 25 mile boat ride away from the main resort, boasts its own trophies, as well as a quieter environment with its single-cabin set up and se- cluded waters.

Once you’ve spent a long day out on the water or in the bush, you’ll be able to kick back and relax in one of our housekeeping cabins. Cabins can sleep up to ten people, with 63 total beds at the main Scout Lake resort. The outpost at McKenzie Bay has only one, eight-bunk cabin, ensuring a more isolated, quieter trip. Accommodations are dealt with as part of our package deals. Regardless of whether you hunt or fish, a package lets you spend more time having fun and less time worrying about the details. Our packages include boat sup- plies, housekeeping cottage accommodations and more. Cabins at Scout Lake are equipped with electricity, hot and cold water, flush toilets, bath and shower, and electric appliances.  Whether you choose to drive up to Scout Lake or boat in to McKenzie Bay, there’s no doubt you’ll have a trip to remember when you book your next outdoor adventure with us. Experience Ontario nature the way it was supposed to be seen and get started with making some memories with your friends and family.

Pickle Lake Fishing

Oz Lake Lodge
Ear Falls, ON

Get ready for the fishing trip of your dreams at the enchanting Oz Lake Lodge, nestled by the tranquil shores of Pickle Lake, Ontario. Guess what? It’s the only lodge on the lake, offering you an unparalleled, intimate experience with nature!

Imagine immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of the sprawling Osanburgh Lake. This aquatic wonder stretches an incredible 26 miles and covers more than 20,000 square acres! It’s a peaceful, unspoiled paradise that’s teeming with spectacular walleye and northern pike – the perfect setting for your next fishing adventure.

The best part? Oz Lake Lodge has got you covered for all your accommodation needs. Choose from our cozy, self-catering cabins that make you feel right at home, our fully-equipped RV campsites that combine convenience with the great outdoors, the simplicity of our tenting sites, or our comfortable hotel rooms that offer a touch of luxury.

Shining Tree Cottages

Northumbrian Resort

Sioux Lookout, Ontario 

Whether it’s hunting or fishing you’re looking for, come visit Northumbrian Resort and enjoy the best of northern Ontario. With fishing available at Minnitaki, Carling, Arc, Taper Lakes, Lac Seul as well as over 200 square kilometres of managed hunting grounds, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself. Try to reel in walleye, northern pike and other species, or grab your bow or rifle and take part in a fall or spring bear hunt. Put your feet up in the evenings and relax in our modern, fully equipped cabins. With accommodations featuring up to five bedrooms a cabin, you’ll be able to bring the whole family!

Selling the North

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